Roof Cladding Profiles


Rib-and-pan roofing and walling

Klip Lok® 406

Narrow cover, concealed-fixed roofing and walling

Klip Lok® 700

Concealed fixed roofing & walling


Square corrugated roofing & walling


Patio & carport roof sheeting with a flat underside

Longline 305®

Longline 305

Custom Blue Orb®

Corrugated roofing & walling suitable for curving

Custom Orb Accent® 35

Our deepest corrugated roofing & walling

Custom Orb Accent® 21

Deep corrugated roofing and walling

Zenith™ Architectural Cladding

Longline 305®

Featuring high ribs & broad, flat pans


Featuring semi-circular ribs and wide pans


Featuring a sleek, ‘block-like’ effect


Featuring a lower, yet substantial rib and flat pans


Featuring flat pans and slender, well-defined ribs

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