Guard your gutters to guard your home

Gutter guard, leaf guard, gutter mesh, no matter what you call it, your gutters will benefit from this important product.

At KITELEYS, we believe gutter guard is a valuable addition to any roof and guttering system. We recommend all our customers include gutter guard in their build.

Gutter or leaf guard is a steel mesh that fits over your gutters to improve water collection and help protect your home from ember attack. It can also help you avoid:

  • mouldy ceilings
  • pest infestations
  • rusted gutters, and
  • drainage problems when storms hit

Gutter guard the experts use

KITELEYS supply and install gutter guard for a wide range of residential and commercial building projects. Our team can fit gutter mesh to your existing gutters, apply it when we replace your old guttering or include it when we install guttering to your new home.

Available in both aluminum and steel, with the steel options of 2mm, 4mm and 5.4mm and a 12-year warranty, the team at KITELEYS have the right solution to protect your home.

KITELEYS only supply and install Blue Mountain Mesh products.

  • Bushfire and ember guard compliant: for your peace of mind
  • Comes in a range of widths: to suit all homes
  • Available in COLORBOND® colours : to complement your roof
  • Comes with a 12-year structural guarantee: quality that counts

Choose the gutter guard that’s right for you

You can use the chart below to select the gutter mesh that’s right for your home.
The team at KITELEYS can help guide your choice. Our wealth of experience means we can recommend the best product for your location and roof profile.

To find out more about why KITELEYS has confidence in Blue Mountain Mesh products watch this video.

Check out the Mesh Selector Guide here

A seamless and protective addition to your home

Blue Mountain Mesh gutter or leaf guard is designed to fit all gutter profiles and KITELEYS’ expert roofing teams make it work with every roof type.

The gutter mesh is custom made and designed to match the COLORBOND® steel colour range.

What’s more, it’s also available in practically any colour you might need for your building project. KITELEYS can work with you to ensure you get the colour you want.

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