KITELEYS for insulation

Insulation is a vital element for every roof.

KITELEYS supply and install insulation in new builds, extensions and for renovation projects.

We only supply and fit Fletcher Insulation’s Permastop® Builders Blanket and Sisalation® Metal Roof Sarking.

As its name suggests, Permastop® stops:

  • excess noise, including from rain, hail, traffic and aircraft
  • heat loss in winter and the loss of cool air in summer
  • condensation forming on the underside of your metal roof, and
  • high energy bills – so you’ll save money

Sisalation® Metal Roof Sarking is a strong, reinforced pliable building membrane that minimises drafts and stops rain and dust getting into your roof. It also works with the builders blanket to improve noise levels and thermal insulation.

It’s never too late to improve the insulation of your home

KITELEYS recommends the acoustic and thermal insulation properties of Permastop® Builders Blanket and Sisalation® Metal Roof Sarking.

Permastop insulation

When you choose KITELEYS to install an insulation solution in your roof, you’re choosing to keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter – without massive power bills.

Your ceilings will also be protected from condensation.

Good for you – good for the environment

Made from FBS-1 Glasswool Bio-Soluble Insulation®, Permastop® Builders Blanket is safe to use and has Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) certification. What’s more, it’s made from up to 80% recycled materials.

Permastop® Builders Blanket and Sisalation® Metal Roof Sarking are Australian made. They’re also made for Australian conditions.

Both products satisfy Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) requirements of 0-40 in roof applications (AS 3959 – 2009).

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